Phoebe's Rain Dance

It hasn't rained for sooo long... Where we live everyone has tank water (we rely on rainwater as there's no town water supply) and for the first time in 13 years our 20,000 litre tank was down to about 200mm. That's very low! Not even the depth of a 30cm ruler?! Ahhh! So we've had to order in water by truck which is a very costly exercise. But we are fortunate – our property is not our livelihood and even though our horse has no grass to eat, it is no where near as dry as further out in the country where farmers are doing it extremely tough due to no rainfall. My heart goes out to them – Australia's climate can make just surviving a battle sometimes.

Anyway, I started thinking about what I could do to make a difference... and Phoebe came up with a great idea - a 'Make It Rain Festival'! Yep! Read on... it could be the next big thing!

RAIN DANCE - if ever there's a way to make it rain... this is it?

RAIN DANCE - if ever there's a way to make it rain... this is it?


Phoebe was worried. It hadn't rained in forever and everything had dried up. She had tried all the fail safe ways she could think of to make it rain – praying, doing a rain dance, praying while doing a rain dance, washing the car, rain dancing while washing the car, washing her hair, hanging washing on the line and then going out for the day (without an umbrella) – but nothing seemed to work. There was only one thing left to do... plan a huge all weekend outdoors event! Surely that would bring the storm clouds rolling in?!

See you at the first Make It Rain Festival! Ha ha! PS. don't forget to BYO water... xo