Lately I have started focusing my attention more outward rather than inward. I’m done with trying to improve my life, be positive and solve my mental problems. What I’ve realised is that I am who I am and I need to accept that and move on to more important things like saving the world. Ha! You may say. But if not me then who? And if not now then when? If we all think like this then that means it won’t be just me trying to save the world but millions and trillions of people trying to save it! Surely that will make a difference? So from now on Phoebe is going to share messages with the entire world, illustration by illustration, story by story, blog post by blog post. Messages to wake us all up from our inward obsessions with happiness because how can we be happy if we have no where to live?? And besides that… Planet Phoebe is way to small to migrate to so don’t even think about it!

Read on for Phoebe’s latest story…

PLASTIC - Keep your eyes on the ball! Lets stop the Plastic Plague together!

PLASTIC - Keep your eyes on the ball! Lets stop the Plastic Plague together!


Phoebe hadn’t been down to Earth for quite some time. In fact, she had been so preoccupied with her own little world that she had almost forgotten that she was part of a much bigger picture. Peering out into the universe, she was shocked by what she saw. The earth was no longer a sparkling jewel of blue, white and green, but rather resembled a big ball of plastic in 50 shades of fluoro… What on Earth had happened?!

Hind sight: Choose wisely and avoid Plastic…x

Planet Phoebe Friday - 'Hug'

Hmmm... this week has been sooo busy and suddenly its Friday again. Feel like I've forgotten to do something really important... oh that's right! My Planet Phoebe Friday Post! Damn!! Here it is... 

Hug  - Sometimes you just need a hug...

Hug - Sometimes you just need a hug...


Phoebe needed a hug. There was something comforting abut hugs that made everything feel better. A hug could stop her feeling  lonely, comfort her when she was sad, make her feel loved and even make her feel safe. It didn’t need anything else to back it up - a simple hug said it all. And if no one was around and she needed a hug? She could always just hug herself.

Hugs fix everything... xo

Planet Phoebe Friday - 'Butterfly'

This week I'm sharing one of my most precious Phoebe illustrations with you, one I have been holding very close to my heart. In fact, it hasn't seen the light of day until now. It was created last year after a 6 month spell from doing no Phoebe illustrations at all. Sort of a creative coma - an artistic block - I was unable to actually do a finished colour illo. Sounds weird, I know, but just like a writers block, it takes a lot to break through it. This was the magic Phoebe that broke the drought...

BUTTERFLY - Sometimes you just need a little magic...

BUTTERFLY - Sometimes you just need a little magic...

Phoebe felt blah. She was over it, in fact, she was over everything. Nothing seemed to make sense anymore. Even making lists didn’t seem to help. What was her problem? Why was everything such a mess? How did it get this bad? She didn’t even know herself in the mirror anymore. It just made her want to crawl back inside her cocoon and hide, Maybe if she disappeared for a while, someone else would sort it all out. Then she could re emerge like a beautiful butterfly, refreshed and renewed, back into a perfectly sorted life and start again.

Sometimes you just need a little magic to get you through... x

Planet Phoebe Friday - 'Bubble'

Wow! Its Planet Phoebe Friday again? I think I might have missed a couple - its been a crazy busy month. Phoebe on the other hand has been floating around in her own little world...

BUBBLE – "...completely out of touch."

BUBBLE – "...completely out of touch."

Phoebe was having trouble grasping reality. It felt like she was floating in a bubble slightly above the world. She could see the pain and trauma, she could read the words, but she couldn’t hear anything – she was just out of reach. Everything looked surreal. Inside the bubble she couldn’t feel anything. She was numb to reality. But because nothing could get through to her, she couldn’t understand what was going on. It appeared she was completely out of touch.

Stay in touch,




Oh my goodness, its Planet Phoebe Friday AND its been 3 weeks since my last post?! Unfortunately real life can sometimes get in the way of creative endeavours. However, I’m back and Phoebe is back, although feeling a little overwhelmed…

SWAMP  - "Sometimes you just need a relaxing bath."

SWAMP - "Sometimes you just need a relaxing bath."


Phoebe was swamped by doubt, in fact, her mind felt exactly like a dark, murky swamp. She was bogged - overwhelmed by an entangled soup of swampy green envy and bubbling self doubt. Lets face it, she was a bit over-dramatic sometimes... nothing a good cup of tea couldn’t fix though?! 

 Tea fixes everything... x

Ok promise I will try not to miss posting next week... surely Phoebe will be back to her whimsical self by then?! 

Planet Phoebe Friday – 'Good Book'

Ahhh!! Planet Phoebe Friday has crept up on me and caught me unawares... its been a crazy week so might need to chill out later with a good book...

GOOD BOOK  – "Sometimes all you need is a good book."

GOOD BOOK – "Sometimes all you need is a good book."

Phoebe was sooooo tired... so tired that she thought she’d catch an early night in and curl up with a good book. Unfortunately the book wasn’t that good (and she really wasn’t that into books...) so before she knew it, she had literally fallen sleep (yawn) curled up with her book... z z z zzz.

Sometimes all you need is a good book... xo

Have a relaxing (yawn) weekend! See you next Friday...  Kazxo

Planet Phoebe Friday – 'Bounce'

Yay! Its Planet Phoebe Friday! Hope you have some amazing plans for the weekend? If not, get your hair done anyway, at least then you will feel amazing?!

Bounce  – Sometimes you just need a haircut...

Bounce – Sometimes you just need a haircut...

Finally, Phoebe had made an appointment with the hairdresser to get her hair done. A bit of a snip, some swooshy styling and lots of hairspray later and wholah! It was done. It looked fab, in fact, she couldn't stop looking at yourself in the mirror... Phoebe? Her hair had so much extra bouffe and bounce! It was so bouncy, she could now actually sit on it without even nearing the ground... cool!

Sometimes you just need a haircut... xo

Enjoy your week... see you next Friday!
Kaz xo

Planet Phoebe Friday – 'Balance'

Happy Planet Phoebe Friday! Here is a NEW Phoebe to remind us what the weekend is for...

Balance  –  "Sometimes you just need to stop and take a moment.."

Balance"Sometimes you just need to stop and take a moment.."

Phoebe felt completely spun out. She had been going in circles for what seemed like forever. It was time to stop before she spiralled out of control. But because she had been spinning for so long, when she tried to unwind, she couldn’t get her balance. Closing her eyes, she tried to focus on the straight line of the imaginary horizon until finally her equilibrium returned. Feeling centred, steady and calm, she was now ready to take another step. 

"Sometimes you just need to stop and take a moment..."

Have an amazing weekend... see you next Friday! x

Planet Phoebe Friday – 'Paint it Out'

Sometimes I like to just paint - nothing in particular - just how I am feeling. Using what ever colour and brush I feel like and listening to my favourite music, I let out how I am feeling onto a large canvas. Its such a good release – getting lost in the paint strokes and the music – the end result is always a surprise too! I then photograph the painting and use it as a background for one of my Phoebe illustrations.

Here's a favourite Phoebe illo of mine with one such background...

Phoebe 'Paint it Out' – for this background I seriously needed to paint it red... not sure why?

Phoebe wanted to paint. She had vermilion on the brain. All she could think about was painting scarlet, vermilion, crimson... in fact, she just wanted to paint everything red. What did this mean? Was she angry? Mad? Going mad? She didn’t care. She just wanted to get the red out of her head...

Paint it out... xo

PLANET Phoebe Friday – 'magic'

Welcome to Planet Phoebe Friday!!

Finally... this is my first ever Planet Phoebe Friday post. Phew! That's a lot of 'f's! From now on (hopefully for forever) I will be posting a new or favourite Phoebe every Friday for you to enjoy! Every Phoebe illustration I create has a quirky tale – maybe you will find some wisdom in it – hopefully it will at least give you a bit of a laugh in this crazy crazy world. Here's the first one...

'Magic' by Kaz Sagovac

'Magic' by Kaz Sagovac

Phoebe wished she could do magic. The shower drain was clogged again and needed to be cleaned out. Yuk! It was definitely her least favourite thing to do. It would require lots of preparation – tea, chocolate, goggles, gloves. She dived in and got to work. After pulling out a humungous hair ball the size of a small rabbit, Phoebe decided she needed a reward for her bravery. Later as she sat sipping a chai latte, relieved that the next shower wouldn't turn into a swimming pool, she remembered one of her favourite lines from 'Rocky and Bullwinkle'... "Hey Rocky! Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat..." 

Hmm... maybe she could do magic?

Rocky and Bullwinkle was a classic kid's cartoon that used to be on TV when I was a kid. I loved it then and still do..

See you next Friday for the next Planet Phoebe Friday! Until then... x

Hellooo from Planet Phoebe!

This is my first post from Planet Phoebe... so exciting!

Phoebe needed her own platform (soap box?) so I created this website just for her so that she could communicate with the world in her own very Phoebe way. She constantly interrupts my life with her whimsical tales (in the form of art and words) which means I am forever scribbling, sketching and writing, trying to keep up with her seemingly endless supply. I now have at least a zillion tales that need to be finished and shared.

Phew... she is such a demanding character!!

Anyway I hope you enjoy the whimsical art and tales from Planet Phoebe... x

This is Phoebe, my beloved character that continually interrupts my life with her many crazy dramas... x

This is Phoebe, my beloved character that continually interrupts my life with her many crazy dramas... x