Oh my goodness, its Planet Phoebe Friday AND its been 3 weeks since my last post?! Unfortunately real life can sometimes get in the way of creative endeavours. However, I’m back and Phoebe is back, although feeling a little overwhelmed…

SWAMP  - "Sometimes you just need a relaxing bath."

SWAMP - "Sometimes you just need a relaxing bath."


Phoebe was swamped by doubt, in fact, her mind felt exactly like a dark, murky swamp. She was bogged - overwhelmed by an entangled soup of swampy green envy and bubbling self doubt. Lets face it, she was a bit over-dramatic sometimes... nothing a good cup of tea couldn’t fix though?! 

 Tea fixes everything... x

Ok promise I will try not to miss posting next week... surely Phoebe will be back to her whimsical self by then?!